Beauty Courses

Professional Beauty Course SKM 1 (Beautician)

  • Administer Safety Practice, Adhere Hygiene, Potray personal Appearance and Communication, Perform Facial Care Therapy, Analyse Skin, Perform Make-up, perform manicure / Pedicure, Carry Out Warm Waxing

Professional Beauty Course SKM 2 (Beauty Therapist)

  • Enhance Eyelashes/Eyebrown, Perform Electrical Therapy, Perform Eye Contour Therapy, Perform Mask Therapy, Perform Corrective Make-up, Carry Out Photographic Make-up, Carry Out Stage Make-up

Professional Beauty Course SKM 3 (Aesthetician)

  • Perform Operation Function, perform Body Slimming Treatment, Perform Décolleté Treatment, Perform Supervisory Function, Swedish Massage

Professional Beauty Business Management SKM 4 & 5

Facial Short Course (1 week)

  • Guide to Cleanser
  • Guide to Cleansing
  • Guide to Analyssis Skin
  • Guide to Scrub
  • Guide to Steam
  • Guide to Extract Pimple
  • Guide to Face Massage
  • Guide to Apply Tonner & Moisturizer
  • Guide to Apply Mask

Spa Body Aromatheraphy Course

  • The Source of Aroma Essentials Oils
  • Aromatherapy With Human Skin And Breathing System
  • Aromatherapy Of Treatment
  • Aromatherapy and Several types of usage
  • Aromatherapy and its Safety and Dangerous
  • Analysis Human Body System with Aromatherapy
  • How to Blend Essential Oils
  • How to use Aromatherapy In Treatment
  • The Theory and practical of Aromatherapy

We also procided Pendidikan Tabung Pembanggunaan Kemahiran (PTPK)

(Gorvement Laon For Beauty Course 100% SKM 1, 2, 3 Approve)

And SLDN KHAS special for student without PMR & SPM certificate.

This course sponsor by government.