Head To Toe Beauty Academy is a professional beauty academy that teaches a unique combination of Western and Eastern technical skills that will give you the edge you need to be successful in all courses. Currently we have branches in Old Klang Road and Pelangi Damansara.

The objective of Head To Toe is to create awareness of the importance of image grooming among Malaysians. Hence, the first step is to generate more beauty therapist, manicurist, makeup artists who provide professional makeup and beauty knowledge and services.

We offer SKM Professional Beauty, Makeup and Nail Art Diploma Courses

  • Professional International Beautician Course - SKM Level 1
  • Professional International Aesthetician Courses - SKM Level 2
  • Professional International Aesthetic Therapist Courses - SKM Level 3
  • Professional International Aromatherapist
  • Professional Beauty Course
  • Professional Nails Art Course
  • Professional Make-up Course
  • Professional Slimming Course
  • Professional Aromatherapy Massage

Pusat Bertauliah JPK LO1974SKM 1, 2, 3 / Certificate / Diploma

We also provided Pendidikan Tabung Pembanggunaan Kemahiran (PTPK)

(Government Loan for Beauty Course SKM 1,2,3 100% Approve)

And SLDN KHAS special for student without PMR & SPM certificate.

(This course spoor by government)

Our Certification